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early morning @ the beach
I practice figures on the flood line

feet deep in soaking sand
gulfs pushing with power

I feel like stoic Tiger Lilly
tied to a rock by Captain Hook

ocean rising to her lips
she never gives an inch

oh the moment I’m naked and
absorbing this awesome playground

foam heads top the rollers
kiters ride them flying
oh their joy, and mine

in cold embrace I trow myself
surf knocking me over
strong currents pulling

in this wild primordial soup
these words spring to mind

“I announce natural persons to arise,
I announce justice triumphant
I announce uncompromising liberty and equality,
I announce the justification of candor and the justification of pride..”

So Long!
autonomy is divine-like
I’ve reached the shore again
I’m nobody but my ancestral string

I bathe my cunt in morning gold
on a cool bed of sand
she’s blow-dryed by the gale
absorbing radiation

I summon a connection I feel
I summon my all my senses
I summon the genie from the bottle
I trickle fluids in a pool

“Screaming electric, the atmosphere using”

your wicked smile
play with me
dirty words igniting

so, when u praise openness
you specifically think of my tender parts?
like here and now, in the face of nature?
brown and pink, such delicacies to eat

“Curious envelop’d messages delivering,
sparkles hot, seed ethereal down in the dirt dropping”

better drop your seed on me
rub me off to bliss

languidly I start to dress
to cross the sandy banks
bounce bounce bossa nova
Erykah’s* hommage to Miles
slow paced & punning
a sassy, tropical surprise
I feel so fully alive

so hard, so strong
so long (that’s what she said)